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A headshot photo of Jillian. Photo © Jillian Regan 2016

I’m a independent distributor (called a consultant) for Rodan + Fields products (the #1 skincare brand + the fastest growing skincare brand in the US over the past 6 years as of 2016 (Source: Euromonitor), blogger, and a healthy lifestyle + wellness advocate. I’m also really into self-improvement, self-care, setting goals for yourself + your career, and working towards those goals.

About Jill + Ian

Q: You must be Jill, so who’s Ian?

A: Me! I’m Ian, too! Because Jill + Ian = Jillian so I’m both Jill and Ian!

Jill + Ian is also referred to as Jill Y Ian because “y” (pronounced “ee”) is the Spanish word for “and” so Jill Y Ian is pronounced Jill ee Ian, which = Jillian.

I also named my skincare business + blog Jill + Ian to appeal to both women + men, or people who don’t really identify a gender, because good skincare is important for everyone!

About Jillian Regan

My interest in health and wellness lies in my background in public health and healthcare. I have a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science from James Madison University. Prior to my current roles, I worked in the public health and healthcare industry for about 8 years in multiple roles, most recently as a data analyst in a local health district (Virginia Department of Health, Thomas Jefferson Health District), but also previously as a Quality Auditor for Infection Control at the University of Virginia Health System, as a campaign assistant on a social marketing norms health promotion campaign part of the University of Virginia’s Student Health Promotion Office, and as a medical assistant at a gastroenterologist doctor’s office.

My interest in skin care is a more recent one. With owning and running my own businesses, I am the face of the business, and appearance is important when meeting with clients or potential clients in person or via video conferencing in order to make a good impression. Having great looking skin can help to make a good first impression. As the owner of multiple businesses, time is also in short supply so my skin care routine needs to be quick and effective. I’ve found that Rodan + Fields skin care products provide this for me and decided to help others do the same through my Rodan + Fields independent consultant business.

About Rodan + Fields Skincare Products + Business Opportunity:

I have two separate websites with tons of information about + photos of the (amazing!) skincare products as well as information about how you could also become a distributor (called independent consultant) of Rodan + Fields products with me as your mentor.

My website all about the Rodan + Fields products is: http://jillandian.myranf.com

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A screenshot of Jill + Ian ‘s Rodan + Fields Skincare Product Website. Check it out at http://jillandian.myranf.com

My website about the opportunity to start your own skincare business as an independent skincare product consultant with me as your mentor: http://jillandian.myranf.biz 

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A screenshot of Jill + Ian’s Rodan + Fields business opportunity website. Check it out at http://jillandian.myranf.biz

I offer electronic gift cards, perfect for giving the gift of life-changing skincare!

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A screen shot of the gift cards purchasing page for Jill + Ian Gift Cards. Link is https://www.giftfly.com/shop/jill-ian

I also have an eGift card button below for quick access to purchase a gift card!