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One of the most valuable things I have learned while goal setting is the importance of breaking down larger, long term goals into smaller goals, such as specific goals for the week. I found that when I don’t break down my big, long term goals into smaller ones,  I just get too overwhelmed, thinking about the long term goal and how far away from it I am. For instance, when thinking of my long term fitness goals of where I want to be and how much I want to be able to do, such as my goal weight and wanting to be in good enoughRead More →

Ways to Conserve Water In Your Daily Routine

Conserving water is important so as not to waste the great resource that we often take for granted, clean and safe drinking water. Also conserving water reduces water utility bills, so it helps to save money too! This topic is very relevant to many people right now as the city I live in, Charlottesville, Virginia, is experiencing a drought with drought warning water restrictions going into effect last week, on 10/12/2017, in Charlottesville and the surrounding county, Albemarle.  Use a timer when doing activities that use water In the shower or anytime you’re running water, set the timer! I am guilty of taking long showersRead More →