bike Charlottesville virginia vacation interview
bike Charlottesville virginia vacation interview
My personal bicycle, which is available for rent through Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals, at the radio station parking lot. Photo © Jillian Regan 2018.

I recently rode my bicycle to the NewsRadio WINA Radio (98.9 FM or 1070 AM) at the Charlottesville Radio Group station to be on Robert Gibb’s radio show “Modern Insurance” and talk about Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals. Here is a brief summary of that episode of Modern Insurance, the recorded episode if you’d like to listen, and some helpful tips on how to prepare yourself + your bicycle to bike to a radio show interview. These tips would also be helpful to prepare yourself to bike to other types of interviews as well.

A summary of the episode of Modern Insurance featuring Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals

Robert Gibb is an insurance agent with Robert Gibb Insurance Associates, LLC representing Rockingham Insurance who has an interesting radio show / podcast  with WINA News Radio (98.9 FM / 1070 AM) called “Modern Insurance” that highlights interesting businesses in the Charlottesville area, tells interesting insurance stories, gives helpful insurance tips, and talks about various aspects of insurance in today’s world.

In this episode Robert has some exciting news to share about his new office: he’s got a newer, bigger office out in Greene County at 62 Dean Rd Suite 202, Ruckersville, VA and a new member of his team, Patty Gregory!

I talk about the origin of the name of Jill + Ian, the basics of how the bicycling rental process works, what a bicycle manager does, pricing, quality assurance of the bicycles being rented, and more!

Robert and I talk about some interesting insurance aspects of a business like Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals, such as the importance of having a “hold harmless agreement” in the rental agreement and why it’s important to have a good insurance policy!

renting bicycles bicycle rental bike Charlottesville virginia
A screenshot of the webpage for Robert Gibb’s show Modern Insurance on WINA Newsradio (98.9 FM / 1070 AM). Check it out to listen to more episodes of his show!

The recording of the episode of Modern Insurance featuring Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals

(click the play button below to listen to it)


renting bicycles Charlottesville virginia vacation bike ride
A screenshot of Robert Gibb Insurance Associates’ website


If interested in listening to more of Robert’s Modern Insurance shows, check out Also check out his website to learn more about what he offers with Rockingham Insurance and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Tips on Preparing Yourself + Your Bicycle to Ride a Bike to A Radio / Podcast Show Interview

bike renting Charlottesville virginia
Trying to hold up my bike so I could photograph it in the radio station parking lot — one disadvantage of not having a kickstand on my bike, sometimes makes it hard to take photos of it! My bicycle is available for rent through Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals. Photo © Jillian Regan 2018

I hope the tips below will help you feel more prepared and have your bicycle prepared for riding your bike to a radio show or podcast interview. These tips can also apply to preparing to ride your bicycle to other types of interviews, such as job interviews, although with a few modifications — such as for a job interview your overall appearance is very important but it is not that important when doing a radio / podcast interview.

holiday gift guide bicyclist bicycling
Bicycle Rack on Bicycle, which is available for rent through Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals, with Rodan + Fields Essentials SPF 30 Sunscreen. Photo © Jillian Regan 2017
  • Take time to look over the interview questions beforehand,
    • Think about what talking points you want to be sure to include,
      • Rehearsing what you want to say by saying what you want to say out loud as if you were in the interview is a great idea!
    • Write down notes on what you want to say in a notebook or on your phone
    • Don’t forget to bring your notes with you!
  • Also prepare how you are going to get there — take a look at a map, such as Google Maps or Streetview — to plan the best route you are going to take to get there.
    • This is especially important if the location is in an unfamiliar area or an area that you’re not used to riding your bicycle to. 
    • I like to use google maps satellite view to check if there are bicycle lanes along the roads I would be riding on when riding to an area of town I haven’t ridden my bicycle to yet and also see what the entrance to the location looks like from the direction I’ll be coming
  • Don’t forget to put your bicycling helmet on before getting on the bicycle!
renting bikes Charlottesville virginia vacation bike ride
Yellow adult sized bicycle helmet available for rent through Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals. Photo © Jillian Regan 2018
  • Prepare your bicycle–
    • If you’re renting a bicycle, such as from Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals, get prepared to pick up or have the bicycle delivered to you at the date, time, and location you selected when booking your rental 
    • Once you have the rental bicycle give yourself a few extra minutes to familiarize yourself with the bicycle and adjust the seat height
    • If you’re riding your own bicycle, making sure your bicycle is well maintained is important so that you know it’s ready to ride anytime you want to or need to
      • Keeping it in good shape also helps improve the longevity of the bicycle, as well as can help it rent out at a higher rate or be re-sold at a higher price than a bicycle that has not been well maintained
    • Check that the tires are inflated
      • If they’re not or it’s been a while since you last inflated the tires, then inflate them (using an air pump made for inflating bicycle tires not an air pump made for inflating other things such as sports balls).

Once you and your bicycle or the bicycle you are renting are fully prepared, enjoy your bike ride to your interview and good luck with your interview!

renting bikes Charlottesville Virginia vacation bike ride
My bicycle at the radio station secured to a pole since there was no bike rack. My bicycle is available for rent through Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals. Photo © Jillian Regan 2018.

Do you have any additional tips or an interesting story to share about riding a bicycle to an interview? Share in the comments below!

Jillian Regan helps people to feel confident + comfortable in their own skin as a distributor of Rodan + Fields skincare products (the #1 skincare brand in the US in 2017; Source: Euromonitor) and improves access to bicycles through a new innovative bicycle rental service at Jill +Ian, based in Charlottesville, VA. 

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