Jill + Ian’s Bicycle Rental Service seeks to improve access to bicycles as well as to bicycling safety gear.

Have a bicycle?

Rent it to someone who needs a bicycle!

Need a bicycle?

Rent a bicycle from someone who has one!

Reflective bicycling vest with lights available for rent. Photo © Jillian Regan 2018

How it works

Rent a bicycle or rent out your own bicycle and/or bicycling gear through Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals!

Check out this brochure or read the steps below!

Please keep in mind that this bicycle rental process is a work in progress, Jillian is continuously working to improve and streamline the website, account creation, bicycle registration, and rental process.

If you have any questions or difficulties just email Jillian at jillian.regan@jillyian.com and she will be happy to help!

Step 1: Create User Account

Step 2: Fill out a short form to either: rent bicycle(s) from someone or rent out your bicycle(s)

Step 3 if renting a bicycle as a Bicycle Rider: Select bicycle from the bicycles currently available for rent through this service

Or if we don’t have what you are looking for, email Jillian at jillian.regan@jillyian.com and we can try to search for a bicycle for you to rent!

Step 3 if renting out your bicycle(s) as a Bicycle Provider: Have bicycle(s) assessed to make sure it’s in good working condition, take photos of bicycle(s) and/or bicycling gear then submit to Jillian via email / google drive folder at jillian.regan@jillyian.com

Step 4 if renting a bicycle(s) as a Bicycle Rider: contact the renter with the contact info listed on the listing for the bicycle for rent

Step 4 if renting out your bicycle(s)as a Bicycle Provider: respond to rental requests + make arrangements with the Bicycle Rider + rent out your bicycle!

Accepted payment methods:

Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express), PayPal, gift card, cash, or check (note that there is a 5 to 10 day processing time for checks to be cleared). Payment needs to be received + processed before the bicycle can exchange hands from Bicycle Provider to Bicycle Rider.

Service Fees:

Listing bicycles or bicycling gear through Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals is completely free, Bicycle Providers only have to pay a small service fee when it is actually rented. Jill + Ian changes a 10% service fee (10% of the rental price) paid by the Bicycle Provider for each bicycle or bicycle gear rental when the bicycle or bicycling gear is rented. The service fees are how Jill + Ian funds this bicycle rental service in addition to Jillian renting out her own bicycles and getting funding support from the skincare product division of Jill + Ian and from three affiliated businesses: Jillian Regan Photography, Rillian, and Misty River Garden