Step 3 for Bicycle Providers Looking to Rent Out Bicycle(s)

After filling out the forms in Step 1 and Step 2, Jillian will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

The next step is to go through the quality checklist that you will be provided with to verify that your bicycle is in good, working condition and is ready to rent.

If you are one of the Top Ten, Tremendous Twenty-Five, or First Fifty (the first 10, 25, or 50 Bicycle Providers. They are separated into categories because they have access to different levels of special offers.) Jillian can look over your bicycle(s) using the quality checklist with you.

If your bicycle meets the standards in the quality checklist, move on to the next step! If not, get whatever it is fixed on your bicycle so it can be ready to rent (and make you back the money you just spent fixing it + a bit more!).

Then take photos (or have a photographer take photos for you) of your bicycle(s) and/or bicycling gear — at least 3 photos: showing different sides and close up–and submit them to Jillian via email

Decide on what rental rates you want to set for your bicycle(s) and/or bicycling gear and email those rental rates to Jillian at

How to decide on a rental price?

  • Take a look at what the rental rates are for bicycles and bicycling gear currently available for rent through Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals.
  • Ask people you know who might be interested in renting your bicycle(s) and/or bicycling gear what they would want to pay to rent it
  • Ask Jillian, she’d be happy to help you figure out what to set your price! Email her at
  • Be prepared to adjust your rental rates based on season, weather, holidays, etc. as other Bicycle Providers will be adjusting their prices as well.
  • Email any price adjustments to Jillian at and she will update your listing.

Decide if you want to offer delivery options or not and include this in the email you submit to Jillian.

  • If you do want to offer delivery options, decide if you want to have Jill + Ian provide the delivery service or if you want to provide it yourself or have a bicycle manager provide delivery services, if using a bicycle manager.

Jillian will create and post a listing for you using the photos, details, description and rental rates you submitted and your bicycle(s) and/or bicycling gear is now available for rent through Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals!

Interested in becoming a Bicycle Manager and managing other Bicycle Providers bicycle rentals? More details available here.

Interested in using a Bicycle Manager to manage your bicycle rentals? More details available here.

*Please note that it may be a few days before Jillian can get back to you, currently she is only available to work at Jill + Ian part-time as she works full time as a consultant at Rillian, photographer at Jillian Regan Photography, and secondhand goods retailer at Misty River Garden. But she hopes to hire some staff soon to speed up the handling time for the bicycle rental process and improve your experience!

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Handlebar of a multi-speed bicycle with bell available for rent in Charlottesville, VA through Jill + Ian Bicycle Rentals. Photo © Jillian Regan 2018