Here is a list of special offers jill y ian is offering as wells as a list of companies / products below that Jillian recommends as she uses their products or services and is a happy customer!

She has mentioned them previously on her social media, blog posts, etc., but here they are all conveniently located in one place!

Special Offers

None currently. Check back soon!

Affiliate Links & Discount Codes


Jillian is a brand ambassador for Pela, a company that makes ecofriendly, plastic-free phone cases, a liquid, ecofriendly screen protector, and ecofriendly plastic-free sunglasses!

Jillian got her first Pela phone case in February 2019 and loves it! ❤️

FYI Jillian has the solid gray “shark” case with the solid black “walnut” hard shell case over it.

Get $10 off using link:

The Great North Apparel

Jillian is a brand ambassador for this company selling eco friendly clothing and accessories and supporting organizations helping the environment.

They also have eco friendly accessories like metal straws and bamboo toothbrushes! Jillian ❤️ ‘s their metal straws!

Get 35% off using Jillian’s referral code: JILLR10


Get $40 in travel credit to use on your first stay at an AirBnb (for new customers only) using the link below:

Living Well Shop — (where Jillian got her planner for 2020 that she ❤️’s !)

Planners and worksheets for yearly, monthly, weekly planning, goal setting, etc. created by Ruth Soupkup.

Get $5 off your order of $40 or more using the link below

Who Gives a Crap (eco friendly toilet paper)

They have ecofriendly toilet paper (your choice of recycled paper or bamboo) that comes in plastic-free packaging. 

They also donate to charities implementing high impact sanitation projects (such as building toilets) throughout the developing world.

Get $10 off your order using link: