goals fitness skincare networking coffee shop
goals fitness skincare networking coffee shop
Weekly goal setting checklist Post-it note pads on the table at lunch at Java Surf in the Vibe District in Virginia Beach, VA. Photo © Jillian Regan 2017

Weekly Goal Setting Checklist

I’ve found that breaking down big, long term goals, like getting in shape, makes the goals feel less overwhelming and more achievable. Breaking them down into smaller goals to be accomplished on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis and then tracking progress towards those goals is the way to go. 

Setting and tracking your weekly goals can help you to achieve your longer term, big picture goals. 

Equally as important as having a system of tracking your goals is having a way that works for you, your lifestyle, and for that type of goal you are working on. 

I’ve designed Weekly Goal Setting Checklists that can be downloaded for free at the link below.


Download these Weekly Goal Setting Checklists that are designed to be small, sticky note sized pieces of paper that you can cut out and then stick anywhere it will be convenient for you—taped to your bathroom mirror, inside your paper planner, the back of your phone, your car dashboard, etc. 

Then start setting + tracking your goals!

Let me know if you find these checklists to be helpful, and if yes, what goal have they helped you work towards?

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If you’d like a set of these on the Weekly Goal Setting checklists on Post-it notepads or on a dry erase board, they’re available in my online store on Zazzle linked here